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Helping Working Moms succeed both at home and in their career

Why We Help:

  • Society promised me a career. Society also promised me a family. I worked really hard and now I have both. Now Society shames me for not being able to spend all of my energy in each role, plus take care of myself. Society expects me to do the impossible. My life isn’t very complicated and yet I struggle to fulfill every responsibility I have.

– Anna & Millions of Other Moms Out There

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Who We Help:

Working Moms

We help Working Moms excel in their career, prepare them for leadership roles, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  • "I just feel overwhelmed"
  • "There's never enough time"
  • "I just need support from someone who understands"
  • "I need advice and friendship"


We help Organizations retain talent, prepare women for leadership roles, and establish healthy work-life balance among employees.

  • Companies lose 17% of talented women at mid-career
  • 52% of mid-level managers are female, but only 6% reach the CEO level
  • There are 25.1 million working moms in the US

Making A Difference

Working Moms Connection provides rocking chairs and mini-fridges for employee pumping rooms for qualified organizations.

Working Moms Connection provides valuable online resources such as blog articles and online communities

WMC coaches businesses to modernize corporate America to be more accomodating to Working Moms and family-oriented individuals. WMC also hosts annual Live events for in-person meetups, networking, and learning.

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A Conference for Working Moms

Friday, June 14 – Saturday, June 15, 2019
Provo, Utah




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